Katie (lioness16) wrote in wonderhorses,

My horses!

Well not much has happened with me lately. I gave my horses their vaccinations yesterday, very exciting. Also very easy because they are both so wonderful that they dont react. Hehe what a lucky one I am. And also the vet was proud of me for giving shots that she gave me a thermometer because mine had busted.( but i have done this before when i borded my one horse out. And I am in 4-H so you learn to do this anyways!) LOL yeah i was quite happy though and it saved my paretns over 100$ because i did it myself. ANd the horse we board got his teeth floated, and had to get quite stoned hehe he could barely stand. He was so cute though. yes and i have to get my horses back on an exercise regiment, they are getting quite lazy. Anybody know a great plan for getting them back in shape?(i have minis and one of them drives so i need to condition him. How to get muscle tone?) Any ideas would be much appreciated, well yes i am done now so adios!
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